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We Are "About The Day"
  "About The Day" was founded by Stephen Steinbach and Sonia Kaskowski in 1999 after they met through an online dating service. They shared much in common and began discussing their love of photography - and soon for each other as well. They were married soon after meeting and have never looked back.

  Stephen graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with a Fashion, Modeling, and Lifestyle Photography degree and Sonia has excelled at learning everything Stephen knows by working closely with him for the past 15 years. Her achievements and abilities are now, easily comparable to Stephen's. Their healthy competitive attitudes towards their work has them pushing each other to new heights and achievements, that alone they may not have ever pursued. "That's why we love working with each other and inspiring each other."

  After a few years of working primarily as commercial photographers, doing weddings on the side, they decided to combine their passions of travel, lifestyles, and beauty towards weddings and the wild spontaneity they generate. "Modeling and studio work is fun and fulfilling, but weddings are the pinnacle of adaptation and the most exciting type of photography in the world. I can't wait to see what happens next and catch that moment forever!"

  For almost 15 years now, this husband and wife team has been collaborating on photography projects and weddings all over the world. North America, Mexico, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

  They have won several prestigious awards from various magazines, blogs, photography journals, and wedding productions, including - "The Knot's Best Of" - for 4 years in a row, a 5 star recommendation from WeddingMapper and Travel Magazines, and is the highest rated wedding photographer anywhere in the United States on They photographed American Idol Ruben Studdard's wedding in 2008 and his photographs have been featured on national television and Idols' website.

Drawing by: Steven Hartley

We believe that what we do really stands out because of our commitment to quality, our attention to details, our artistic sensibilities, training, background, and our top of the line equipment.
We love what we do, and it shows in our effort to learn, listen, and always do our very best!

-- Stephen & Sonia Steinbach --